Online success
lies in the process

From goals to results in 4 steps

1. Understand

Every project starts with understanding the challenges and laying a good foundation. Together we look at challenges and how we can contribute to your goals.

2. Prioritise

How can we get the most out of the budget we have at our disposal? This is how we find the things that make the most impact. In the short but especially in the long term.

3. Deliver

Together we go through the entire development process and make sure everything is right down to the last detail. From data links to design choices. We are ready to take on any challenge and tackle it successfully.

4. Grow

Once your webshop is up and running, you’re ready to go. We see where we can provide further support and advice in your growth.We continuously develop the shop and maximize your success.


Our process always consists of a number of set steps. But we understand that this is not for everyone and everyone’s challenge is unique. We always discuss the details and specific process in a video call so we can take the best steps to grow your business.

It depends on the initiative, but usually it is divided into ~5 phases:

Onboarding and discovery -> strategy -> concepting -> execution -> growing

We work closely together, adapt to your working style and should be seen as an extension of your team.

Our current client base is about 50/50 long-term collaborations and project work. That’s how we like to see it. We are the right size to efficiently maintain ongoing relationships, expand brand market share and support key turning points in their business. Some we’ve had for more than 5 years.

Project work – like launching websites – keeps us sharp. This is embedded in our culture as a digital studio dedicated to making work that works and figuring out what’s next.

If you have a clear briefing with your desired deliverables/services, considerations about timing and your budget – then we encourage you to contact [email protected].

This should go without saying these days, but we don’t do spec work. No agency should work for free. Therefore, we ask that you evaluate our capabilities based on the success of the work we have produced. Sometimes we participate in paid pitches. However, we reserve these for special cases.

We are broadly oriented, with a clear specialization in e-commerce, web design, brand strategy and design. We also have long-term partners who help us with backend issues, integrations, online marketing and hosting related issues. In some cases, we also pick up other issues such as creatives and designs stemming from the brief.

We frequently collaborate closely with online marketers and maintain a network of specialists in SEO, SEA, and Social Media whom we prefer to work with. While we do not conduct online marketing activities ourselves, we actively support these efforts.